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Dean of LMS College


Scientific Documents

1- Bachelor of economy from human science international academy (Voronezh, Russia)
2- Master of business administration
3- PHD in economic management
4- Postdoctoral of Economics from human science international academy
5- scientific title of professor in international banking system course


1- Holding 17 diplomas in management, economic, bank and credit courses
2- Holding the medal of youngest PHD in economics
3- Holding five honorary PHD, in economic , modern banking, money and credits
4- Holding the youngest postdoctoral title of international bank system (2015)
5- Selected as economic leader in world assembly of Islamic economic leaders (2017)
6- Holding 25 certificates of appreciation from different universities

Studies and research

1- Research on international marketing and art effect on marketing, (2003-2004)
2- Research on sale market and its relationship with sociology, (2004-2005)
3- Research on communication and psychology for marketing regarding world day market, (2004-2005)
4- Research on middle east capital market changes, (2005-2007)
5- Research on relevance of dollar price and changes of world capital market, (2005-2007)
6- Research on emergence effect of the Euro and world money market, (2013-2015)
7- Research on currency fluctuations and its effect on Asia capital market, (2006-2008)
8- Research on currency fluctuation and its effect on Europe capital market, (2006-2008)
9- Research on currency fluctuations and its effect on USA capital market, (2006-2008)
10- Research on currency fluctuation and its effect on capital market, (2006-2008)
11- Research on investment market of Africa continent, (2009-2011)
12- Research on integration of new and unified monetary, (2013-2013)
13- Research on integrated money and its conscience and disadvantages, (2007-2009)
14- Research on transportation impact and the final price of product, (2010-2011)
15- Research on bank automation system and creation of new mechanized system, (2009-2010)
16- Research on capital targeting and discover new target markets, (2011-2012)
17- Research on impact of countries sociological structure on target market, (2014-2015)
18- Research on creating new capital markets
19- Research on quality of life and its relationship with dynamic economy of society,(2004-2006)
20- Research on desirable business market and higher income at a specified time and with same capital, (2009-2009)
21- Research on the effect of industry and production of each country on its economy, (2011-2013)
22- Research on destroyed economies, (2014-2015)
23- Research on international bank system, (2011-2015)

Scientific responsibilities

1- Faculty member of 3 universities
2- Chairman of economic workshop of investigating the investment areas in middle east
3- Chairman of the economic group of FLU financial institution
4- Director of research department and institute BPD Institution
5- Dean of London modern science college

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